Saturday, August 28, 2010

good news and bad news

The good news is, I was able to save TONS of time this morning. The bad news is, I was forced to do it by what is seemingly the shut off of the entire water system for the dorm. The toilets won't flush, the showers won't run, and the sinks are only a dribble.
In other good news, it looks like I was the first one to discover this fact, which meant that I had time to duck my head under the sink for a quick rinse before the water disappeared completely. If the water's come back on by the time I have to leave for class, it will make me angry, but right now, it doesn't seem like that's gonna happen. Looks like today will be a day full of smelly angry girls, and possibly one of extra smelly guys who don't care one way or the other. Although if the boys have water and the girls don't, we're gonna have a problem.


  1. Hi Elise,

    Your Mom sent this blog to several of us and it is wonderful! Please, please keep it up. It is good to hear you arrived safe and sound and I love reading your funny and unique perspective of all things Egyptian. I especially love your retelling of the adventures of brutal heat, foreign bureaucracy and broken water pipes, second-hand because then they sound so much more like a funny recollection and not quite so horrible as they could be (and probably are...)

    You are so, so, so much braver than us Klenhas would ever be.

    I think you should write a book when you are through!


  2. thanks so much, wendy! i will definitely do my best to keep posting every day. i don't want to risk forgetting all the fun/crazy things that happen every day here! i don't know about a book, though! :P