Monday, November 29, 2010

i don't even know anymore

I didn't blog last night, and I didn't even think about it until now. I'm on the bus ride home from a long day on campus, ready to finish my essay and maybe write some more NaNo so it won't fade into oblivion like last year's book.
I was upset last night, from lots of stuff, and it was really hard not having anyone to talk to about it, just because of the time difference and the fact that no one carries a computer around with them to get skype calls like from a phone.
At school today, I actually stayed at work until 11:15, instead of leaving early for one reason or another. I guess that was good because I got a lot of stuff done, but at the same time it wasn't very satisfying because none of the stuff that I did actually matters to me personally. Mostly it was sorting papers that the person who worked on the collection before me left unsorted, papers that if it were up to me would just be chucked in the trash or recycled, because they're a waste of space. But it's not up to me.
Then I went to Professor Ikram's class, which was really nice, since we haven't had real class for a while. The lecture was really really fast, and I'm sure I missed some important stuff in my note taking. I'll make it up with my friends' notes though. It all works out.
After class, I followed the professor to her office to ask a few questions about my paper, along with about half the class. No wonder she calls us ducklings, the way we trailed after her!
In my next class, we watched a really interesting film called The Return of Navajo Boy, which I think you should watch. It's a documentary made in 2000, about a Navajo family living in Monument Valley and about the history of their family and tourists and filmmakers and other people, and I really liked it. Also, it made me cry.
In Arabic class, we just practiced making sentences, but it wasn't boring. Then my friend Vincent and I bought brownie sundaes at McDonald's, which were completely amazing, if also completely unhealthy.
And then I got on the bus. And now I will take a nap. I do have a question for whoever is reading this. Do you like me posting every day? Would you rather I didn't? Does it matter?


  1. I'll usually read every few days, generally if I'm feeling like I had an interesting experience and I read this and say, "o, ok, the world still goes 'round despite my ______(insert adjective) day" Or like today when it shows up on my Facebook feed.

  2. This is probably no surprise to you, but I read everyday (with an exception once in a blue moon.) I do care and look forward to it. But you need to do what is good for you. It feels like one more connection to you, and since I miss you daily, it is nice to have the daily connection. Love, Mom

  3. Josh - It's nice to read your blog. Hope you keep it up. Yesica, Baby Jayden, and I have been thinking about you =0)

  4. Hey you,

    I like you posting everyday. Firstly, because with everyday that i see i post is a day that i know you are safe and alive....and that no accidently-resurrected priest tried to kill you with his sandface. Secondly, because regardless if you think its boring...after all this time i still find it interesting that you are studying half way across the world and living a typical day to day life just as we are over here. Only your day to day, involves adventures, Egypt, bus rides and the occasional crazy Egyptian who tries to haggle change out of you.


    Maggie A.

  5. Don't you dare stop writing daily, woman! Who else's blog will guilt trip me for not blogging more often?