Friday, February 4, 2011

Monday, January 31st

I just got a call from Fadi. I don’t even think I was awake until the second or third sentence. Basically, the UCs are getting us out. They don’t want us to stay, and they’re coming to pick us up tomorrow (today) at 0900 hours. Lovely.
It’s certainly a good thing that I haven’t managed to reclaim anything from housekeeping yet, it would be a darn shame if I had anything more than one suitcase to pack.
So now I have a revised list of things to do tomorrow:
wake up at 4:45
wash hair with shampoo which unfortunately will most likely have to be given away
pack pack pack
get the eff out of Egypt on a chartered flight to god knows where, then home. all on UC’s tab. because everybody knows they’re rolling in dough. [don’t get me wrong, i am in no way complaining]
I hadn’t gotten to sleep when I heard a ton of noise from downstairs and people started running in the hallways. The word was that we had to lock ourselves in our rooms. As silly as it sounds I did it, and was scared when I couldn’t find my key at first. But I found it.
A few minutes ago someone ran up and down the hallway banging on doors and checking if they were locked. They woke one girl up who just finished making a fuss about it, and has now decided to go lock herself in her room.
I can’t decide if I want to try and sleep or wait and see what happens.
Well, obviously I went to sleep. That was fun.
I’ve been awake for about an hour, packing everything to get ready to leave by 0900. I’m a little mad that all the food I bought yesterday is going to go to someone else, not me, but I really can’t pack it, and it’s not like I’d throw it all out. I’m compromising by taking some of the granola bars with me and eating an apple with peanut butter for breakfast. Then it’s off to track down housekeeping again and reclaim my possessions.
I really have no idea who to go talk to or what to do in order to get my stuff back. I’m not just going to abandon it though. I’m a little worried about what to do with my sleeping bag. Is that an acceptable carry-on item? If it is, I’ll be checking all three of my suitcases, which doesn’t seem good for some reason. Although, since it’s a charter plane and UC is footing the bill I guess I shouldn’t care so much. Maybe I’ll find room to squeeze the sleeping bag in my big green suitcase instead. I wish I had a vacuum so I could properly use the wonderful vacuum-pack bags my wonderful mother sent with me to Egypt last time.
Tons of stuff has happened since this morning. I got picked up from the dorms and carted around what felt like all of Egypt by a security force pulled directly off the Egyptian version of the Jersey Shore. We made it to our hotel for the night, only to find out that the sketchy lady/company in charge of our evacuation wasn’t paying for it, so we almost had to go back to the dorms for the night. Thankfully we got that all worked out. I’d explain about the day in more detail, but honestly it’s still painfully hilarious, and I can’t talk about it without laughing.
Now my (temporary) roommate and I are in our lovely expensive hotel room, after napping for two hours following a dinner of the biggest burger in existence. Now I think we’re going to bed for real. At 8:15 tomorrow morning, we’re due to meet in the lobby to be picked up and taken to the airport, although it’s looking like the actual pickup won’t be until 10 or 11 because of curfew and because the evacuation people are honestly pretty bad at their jobs.
Hopefully by this time tomorrow I’ll be in Barcelona, about to get on a flight home or even better, in the air above the Atlantic, already on my way.

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