Tuesday, December 7, 2010

100 posts?

It honestly snuck up on me. This is the 100th time I've posted on this blog, starting the night before I left home to come to Cairo. Wow.
Today was a good Tuesday, again. I went to Coffee Bean and worked on my essay, and made a good amount of progress. Then I went to lunch with friends and then came home to essay a bit more, a goal which I completely failed to accomplish. That was okay, though.
I made my vlog for today, and had a really good time doing it.
If you watch the video, which is at the bottom of this post, I suggest clicking through to the video page and watching the linked video in the doobly-doo. Well, I suggest that if you're a huge nerd, or a nerdfighter. Otherwise, I guess it might be slightly confusing or off-putting.
Tomorrow I've got to get to school early and read The Caucasian Chalk Circle for Dramatic Lit, because I totally forgot to get a copy from the copy shop on campus, so I couldn't read it today like I meant to. I hope I can finish it before class and still have time to work on my Art and Architecture paper or the Dramatic Lit paper. If that doesn't work out, though, I'll settle for just finishing the play on time. I hate it when I totally blank on reading assignments like that, especially when they're for a class that is completely made up of discussion of the reading.
And that was a really boring 100th post! What can I say? It was a Tuesday.

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  1. Hi Elise! I just read all of your entries that I've missed. Sorry I haven't been around to leave you comments! *fails* But at least I am now up to speed on your life! I wish I was as successful at blogging frequently as you are.

    The Caucasian Chalk Circle sounds like something bland, dry and boring. And very white. Or some kind of cult. For your sake, I hope it is neither.

    Your mom was asking me questions about your trip to Paris, and, as I told her, feel free to text/message/call if you require any assistance prior to or during your trip.

    And you might have already seen this shirt, but it's quite applicable to us right now!