Friday, December 17, 2010

project for awesome

So, I'm officially done with AUC until next semester. It was a little anticlimactic, but it still feels awesome to know that I don't have any two hour long bus rides lurking in my near future.
But AUC isn't what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about the Project for Awesome. It's an annual YouTube event that brings together video creators and viewers to trick YouTube's algorithms into featuring videos about charities instead of videos about kittens on roombas. (Although who doesn't love kittens on roombas?)
Basically, participants in the P4A (which is you, if you want) like, favorite, and comment on as many P4A videos as many times as they can, in an effort to raise awareness of many different charities. Hank explains it all here or you can click here to go to the P4A website, where you can donate money by purchasing raffle tickets to win cool things, or you can just watch some of the videos I'll put below and donate to any charity that you feel a connection to. Please do what you can, this is really an amazing event, and we've already raised $15,000 for charity through the P4A website in the five hours since the project started. It goes on for another nineteen, and I know we'll accomplish so much more.
I didn't get to make a Project for Awesome video myself this year, thanks to finals week, but here are some of my favorites:

I know that's a lot of videos. Sorry. I can promise you, they are all worth your time. (And your money, don't forget! If you can spare even just $5 to one of these charities, you'll help make a difference.)
p.s. I've been commenting so much on videos tonight that YouTube has become convinced I am a robot, and has been making me prove my humanity after every comment by typing a captcha. Some are hilarious, some are completely unintelligible. Bonus points to anyone who leaves a comment giving me a definition for their favorite captcha (or even just deciphering one)!


  1. And you with your Egyptology studies! You must learn to go back to your roots....diquestut obviously has to do with the quest to find King Tut's doppleganger. Silly you. It is a good thing your mom is so smart.

    And reverswave is what happens when the water from the ocean wave returns to the sea....duh!

    Nononosal was the original name for that famous musical, "No, no, Nannette" but they thought better of it, changing the theme from an ingenue with terrible allergies to one with aspirations to take a walk on the wild side.

    Maticoush is a northern Canadian hotdish frequently served at church socials. Its main ingredients are lima beans and venison and lots of paprika.

    Remember the song "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got that Swing) originally recorded by Duke Ellington's Orchestra and famously re-recorded by Ella Fitzgerald? Remember the part where it goes "Doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo- ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah). Well it used to go, "Dew-a-ftlerm, dew-a-ftlerm, dew-a-ftlerm, dew-a" but a variety of skat masters struggled with it and they simplified it to doo-ah. Purists still insist on the original form.

    Actually, dear, I am a bit disappointed. After so many years of working so to support your vocabulary and cultural literacy I really thought you had a better grasp on some of these basic terms and phrases. Don't worry. We will work on it and get you better educated.

    Love, Mom

  2. wow mom, lots of points to you. i'm sorry my vocabulary is so limited. can we try to sing dew-a-flterm together when i see you on wednesday?

    and btw, you are so weird. <3