Thursday, December 9, 2010

rainbows and puppies

Is basically what the second half of today was. No joke.
I got to campus early to write my Art and Architecture paper, and it was a good thing that I did. It was done in time to print it out and bring it to class for Professor Ikram to look over.
When I went to her office after class with some other students, she checked it and said it looked good, I just needed to change a few things and add a sketch of the statue, which looks like this, by the way:
imakhufu and his wife
Then she took me outside to talk in private, about my Egyptology scholarship and whether I was actually getting the money from that (which I am, yay!), and about whether I would like to work at the Egyptian Museum. Yes. The answer is yes.
So that was the rainbows and puppies part, and it cast a haze of amazing over everything else for the rest of the day, Anthro class and Arabic and a horribly long bus ride included.
Just now, I got an email from the professor, telling me the museum would be getting in touch, and containing a very clear warning not to let her down, to which my first reaction was: "ulp."
And my second reaction: "I won't."


  1. Whoooooooaaaaaa!!! Double rainbow ALL THE WAY!!

    (That means I'm really excited for you!)

  2. YESSS!!!!
    Congrats Elise!

    now work on getting an invite to her home.
    I will be your +1!

  3. What awesome news!!!!

  4. That's so awesome :) Obviously you are just too amazing at Egypt-y things to be ignored. Congratulations!