Wednesday, September 1, 2010

cinnabon and feral cats

Okay, I admit it. I gave in. I ate at Cinnabon on campus today. It just smelled so good, and it wasn't that expensive, and there wasn't a line, and I did it. And it was delicious. I couldn't find a knife and fork, so the entire affair was a bit messy. I don't regret it one bit, but I won't be doing it again for a while!
That was my only adventure on campus today. Just to keep it interesting, though, here are some photos of AUC from the past week:

the view from the library's second floor

science and engineering building

the library's outside wall

library stairs

omar sharif supports reading and i support omar sharif

plaza, complete with fountains

Also today, we explored the area of Zamalek around our dorms a little bit more. We talked to some soldiers with AK-47s ("no pictures, no pictures!") and then we met some feral cats. These cats are everywhere in Cairo. They eat whatever they can find, and are always around. Some are huge and scary, and others are really tiny and pathetic. Some of my friends think they're cute, but I tend to think they're a little icky. Who knows where they've been? The one below was just chilling on the steps of the dorm when we got home tonight, cool as a cucumber. It skedaddled when the camera flashed, though, thankfully away from the open door to the residences!

who knows where this cat has been??

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  1. the architecture is gorgeous!! - Mags