Thursday, September 16, 2010

super-soaker adventures

My morning started off really well, with a squirt gun shot of water straight to the eyes while I was walking to the bus, courtesy of some drive-by Egyptian teenage boys. I don't know why it happened, but it wasn't just me. And it totally sucked.
After that, my day couldn't really get worse, so I guess it got better. Classes were interesting, I had delicious koshary for lunch, and then I got to come home semi on time. Party.
My friends and I walked to a restaurant called Cook-Door (or if you're me, Food-Stop) for dinner tonight. It seemed pretty creepy on the inside, with pictures of Charlie Chaplin, as well as some Salvadore Dali works.
why charlie chaplin?
what's wrong with a nice norman rockwell?
epically empty creeper restaurant
The food was good, though, so that's okay. We'll probably just get it delivered next time, to avoid the long walk and the creepiness. On the way back, though, we got Baskin Robbins, and saw this poster, which was amazing:
which package will you choose?
Back at the dorms, I returned to my room to find that someone had broken in and left their possessions scattered about! Oh, never mind. It was just my roommate, who finally showed up. She's very nice, although she wants me to clean my desk and doesn't really approve of my haircut for some reason. I think we can still be friends though, so I'll do my best to make that happen.
Tomorrow morning I leave for Alexandria for all of Friday and Saturday, which means I get to transcribe another AFK blog, just when I thought I was done with that for a while. Whoopee. Actually, I'm really looking forward to seeing Alexandria, so I don't mind that much. I probably will mind a lot if I don't get my homework done on the trip though! (Our itinerary states that we will be back in Zamalek by 6 pm on Saturday, but my estimate is more like 10 pm. We'll see then if I'm starting to develop a sense for Egyptian time or not. (Please, please let me be wrong about that!)

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  1. Hmm, I can understand that she might be scared of your desk, it's not for the faint of heart, but did she tell you she didn't like your hair?? That's just plain rude!

    I saw a poster here that called them Les Jonas Brothers, which makes them sound waaay too classy and cool. I don't like it.