Monday, September 13, 2010


I almost forgot to blog tonight. I can't believe it. I think the complete and utter exhaustion might have gotten to me, or something. Anyway, it's gonna be a short one, because if it isn't, I'll fall asleep at the keyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Huh, what?
To clarify, as of now, 8:15 pm in Cairo, I have slept (snoozed) about five and a half hours (not in a row) in the last thirty-eight hours. It seems scarier when it's written out like that, for some reason.
I got back from my Luxor and Aswan trip early early early this morning (late late late last night) at 4:30 am, after a full day of Upper Egypt adventures and before a full day of classes and homework today. Now I am ready to sleep, hopefully for a long long time. I really had meant to type up and post my handwritten blogs from the trip today, with pictures and videos included, but time and laziness got away from me, so they'll keep until tomorrow. I'll put the dates in the title, so even though they'll be posted out of order, it won't be too confusing.
Luckily, I have no class tomorrow, because some enterprising and intelligent class schedule designer decided to give all AUC students (except for the Arabic Language Institute peeps, poor guys) every Tuesday off, for reasons unknown. Alhamdulilleh. So I'll be napping and reading and doing things tomorrow that do not include two one hour bus rides to hell and back.
In short news of today, I successfully got into the Egyptology course I wanted, with Professor Ikram, who is hilarious and brilliant and an amazing teacher, and I don't think I have ever looked forward to a class so much in my entire life. I also have a bunch more textbooks to buy now, but that's alright. Who cares? I'm taking a class with Salima Ikram!
Okay, I'm really nodding off now, so maa saleema, and I promise a plentitude of picture-y, Luxor&Aswan-y, bloggy-blogs tomorrow.


  1. Haha yes that is FDR. Can you understand the characters? I think it's supposed to be blaming FDR for everything. Obviously it's his fault that the Japanese had to bomb us.

    And I have no doubt that Cairo smells worse and I know for sure there is more trash since I watched that movie about it. But I actually live in a civilized city . . . JK!

    I expect a cornucopia of pictures. Also, I think I might be visiting you for more days that I had originally planned. Plane tickets just keep going up!