Tuesday, September 28, 2010

quick unfortunate arabic lessons with elise

I had another lazy day today. With naps. Unfortunately, I also got some work done. How dare I?
I read a morality play called Everyman for my dramatic literature class, which was actually kind of interesting, since I knew to look at it through a lens of medieval church propaganda. Of course, I also spotted this:
look at the last two characters. really? yeah.
I don't know this particular Doctor Who episode seems to be stalking me, but it definitely is. (For those readers who don't watch the Doctor, which, by the way, you should, the episode is Blink, the one Charlie sang about in my last blog.)
Basically, the day was wasted on homework and sleeping and lazing about. It was pretty nice to have another short break from school, though. I'm starting to like the weird schedule that AUC keeps. School on Sundays is still pretty odd, though.
My only other accomplishment for the day was making another vlog, this one teaching some common Arabic words and phrases.

If you have time, check out the other videos on the channel that my friends and I share. I think you'll enjoy them, and don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe!


  1. I take this as further, if entirely nonsensical, proof that Doctor Who is real :)

  2. ~whispers~ Elise!

    per your request i will whisper. =P

    Ugh that scary episode! and the Angel /Doctor thing SOOO on purpose! watch out for any of those egyptian statues, you never really know what they are up too.

    saw the arabic lesson... i dont think i can make my tongue bend in that direction. lol

    <3 Mags

    P.S. idk why, but every time i post a comment it asks me to type a weird procession of letters....sometimes they make words and sometimes they make no sense and i wonder what the purpose is...lol

  3. @ maggie - you have to type the capcha code to make sure you're not a robot. some of them are pretty funny. i've gotten "city falconry" and "albanian decade" before. (yes, i save my capchas...)