Friday, October 1, 2010

alternate universes, some with socks (and porphyrophobia)

In a thousand thousand alternate universes, I'm climbing Mt. Sinai right now. Of course, if I'm going to go quantum here, in a few thousand universes, I'm wearing socks, or didn't do my laundry today, or slept in till noon, or didn't choose to listen to wonderful music on the internet all day while I did my homework. None of those things are true, and I can say I'm pretty happy that's so. Except for the socks, it's kinda cold in here.
Okay, now I've got socks on.
I've decided that if a song can make me laugh at the beginning and cry at the end and be 1 minute and 38 seconds long, it should be posted on my blog, and possibly be my new favorite song. So here. And here.

I don't really know why it made me cry, honestly. It's sad, but it's cheerful, so I'm a little bit confused. Maybe that's why.
Today was a good weekend day to spend at home and not on vacation. I got all my laundry done in a timely fashion, except for the last bit that I left in the dryer for 45 minutes too long. Oops. Thankfully someone was sensible and put it on top for me, so I didn't feel too bad. I used the sixth floor washer and dryer today, marking the first time I have done my laundry all on one floor. The sixth floor washer has its  quirks, just like the fifth floor one does, except instead of the door not opening properly, on sixth floor, it doesn't close. I tell you, every day is an adventure here.
I got all my homework done today, and managed to catch up on my television shows too. Big Bang Theory is excellent, as usual, and so is House, but Bones leaves a little bit to be desired. Can they finally just get together already, please?
Aside from work and tv and laundry and cleaning, I really didn't have anything else to do today, which was a little disappointing. My friends were busy, so I couldn't go out, and today just wasn't the right day for me to wander around getting stared at and possibly harassed all by myself.
Here is another song for you, one that I've been waiting to post forever, because it has obvious spoilers for the Doctor Who series 5 finale, so I had to wait until Maggie finished watching the series. She'd watch it anyway, spoilers or not, and I'm strictly anti-spoiler, so that just wasn't going to work. But now she's done, so (finally) here is The Big Bang 2, by Charlie McDonnell:

Listening to this song honestly makes me miss my ukulele. Out of all the things I left at home (sunscreen and extra peanut butter included), my uke is the one I most wish I had brought with me. I was worried about packing it, and taking it on the plane, which is silly, because now I would gladly risk it on a plane, just to have it here now. That would give me lots more to do in my free time than take naps, and would have the benefit of being entertaining and productive for me, and simultaneously horrendously annoying to anyone within earshot. Win-win, right?
Anyway, I really want to learn to play Big Bang 2 when I get my uke again (hopefully at winter break), and I've actually already learned all the chords for it, that's how pathetic I am. Sad. I can wait three months, though. Since I have no other choice. Unless Geoff lets me borrow his mandolin... (Just kidding! I can't play mandolin.)


  1. 3 months? Does that mean we should plan on packing a ukelele when we meet in Athens? xoxo