Tuesday, October 26, 2010

misanthrope and munch 'n' bagel

Another remarkably productive Tuesday for me. I woke up early, did some homework, watched some tv, made a video, skyped with some friends, did some more homework, and read a play for Dramatic Lit. The play, in all honesty, may have been the highlight of my day. It's called The Misanthrope, and it's by Moliere, a French playwright and actor of the 17th century. Obviously, the play was originally in French, but I read an English translation that was just amazing. The original rhyme scheme was preserved, and so was the meter, and it was wonderful. How could it not be, when it contained lines like "She holds that naked statues are immoral / But with a naked man she'd have no quarrel" and "Lovers are no trouble to collect / If one prefers them to one's self-respect." So awesome! </Moliere geek-out>
I also went to the grocery store this morning, and bought apples and shampoo. It was odd being out on the streets by myself, but I knew exactly where I was going, and wasn't wearing any clothing that could have attracted any unwanted attention. I couldn't really help being a tall pale girl with short reddish hair, though, so I still got a few stares. No one harassed me, though, so it was a good trip. What made it an especially good trip was that I took a different route back to the dorms than normal, and stumbled upon a building that I didn't even know was there, just about five blocks from my dorm. The Supreme Council of Antiquities Building. In other words, the building where Zahi Hawass works. If you don't know Zahi Hawass, please google him or something. If you think you've heard of him but aren't sure, he's the guy who's on the Discovery channel when they talk about Egyptology and aren't interviewing Salima Ikram instead.
The other highlight of my day was dinner. Instead of going out or relying on the cafeteria, some friends and I ordered in from Munch 'n' Bagel. I got a turkey sandwich bagel with fresh lettuce and tomato and turkey that actually tasted normal and not disgusting, for twenty pounds, or four dollars. Including the delivery charge. Yeah, I'll be eating there again.
We did have a fairly awkward time actually paying for our order when it arrived, though. We saw our package on the table, and paid the delivery man standing next to it 60 pounds for our order. He then went down to his bike and got out a package of sushi and tried to give it to us. That's not what we ordered... It all got sorted eventually and we got our money back, paid the right delivery man and got our food, but the dorm security guards were definitely laughing at us. It was pretty funny.
And because I have absolutely nothing else to talk about, here's my new vlog, a really really nerdy one that won't make much sense taken out of its youtube context and put here on my blog. Whatever:


  1. yayy!!!! goooo neeerddds!!!!

    i miss you elise! haha :) it's good to see your face again!

    make more videos plzzz!


  2. No Dr.Who?!.... ~sigh~ i forgive you...just this once...lol jk


    <3 you!