Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fiftieth post! wow.

That's a lot of posts. Apparently, according to my blog clock, I have been in Egypt for 49 days, or 50 days by tomorrow. That seems like a lot when it's written down, but it really doesn't feel like I've been here that long. Well, that's not completely true. Sometimes it feels like I've been here forever, and sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes it's a bad thing. I'm glad to be here, though.
Last night, I got back to late to tell you all about my adventures in my blog, but I can assure you, I had adventures. They involved hanging out with lots of new European friends on a 5th floor balcony until 2 am, talking about the metric system and scuba diving and Norway and other worldly and fascinating subjects. Then we walked home to the dorms and I got questioned by the guards for being out so late, which was really annoying. And then it was today, and so on to the real blog post.
Congratulations to me for not procrastinating today, and getting all of my homework (well, the homework due tomorrow) done before 3 pm. Round of applause. Of course, that only happened because the internet was being horribly slow and wouldn't let me watch television. Once I was done with my homework, though, I didn't have to feel bad about watching television, so I guess it worked out pretty well.
This morning, I went with my friends Emily and Michelle to get breakfast at the delicious waffle place we went to before. We had some issues, not the least of which was the fact that after 15 minutes of walking, we found out that the waffle shop was closed. We went somewhere else instead, and you can see where it was in my newest vlog, which I mostly filmed walking around Zamalek and suchlike:

I hope you like the video, it took a while to make.
And now I'm stuck with an interesting dilemma. What is the protocol for when one's Egyptian roommate comes in for the night and starts to pray? One has turned off one's music, and is about to cease typing. I hope that will do it.


  1. Don't you dare dis Linkin Park! (This is not sarcasm) They are very classy. (Sarcasm)

    I am still amazed by your vlogging abilities, especially when I can't even manage to add captions to my photos. :'(

    The Mount Sinai climb sounds awesome, awesome in Biblical proportions.

  2. Video rocked! it was cool to take a look into a day in the life of Elise.....kinda...haha

    call me crazy but i think the cats are pretty!
    Woot Mount Sinai!


    captcha of today: Mundo (world)