Sunday, October 17, 2010

post-sinai snooze-fest

Sorry, there won't be a catch-up blog from Sinai posted to tonight. I am uploading pictures to yesterday's blog, but my computer is being epically slow, and I don't want to fight with it any more.
I did pretty well at school today, despite being sore and tired. Climbing the three flights of stairs to get to work hurt like nobody's business. Tomorrow should be better, unless of course, it's worse. I find it works that way. It will get better eventually, though.
For the first time, I actually didn't wake up when the bus got to campus this morning. It wasn't until the doors opened that I had any idea we were there. I like to think that someone would have woken me up, but I'm not really sure about that. Sadly, nothing else really interesting happened today, except for discussing The Duchess of Malfi in Dramatic Lit, and turning in a pretty fail outline to my Egyptian Lit professor.
When I got home, I started work on my midterm for my linguistics class right away, and got half of it done pretty quickly. Of course, then I took a break, which led to me not finishing the second half of the midterm until 11:00. Oops.
In the meantime, though, I did get all my laundry done. I went down to the first floor to use the machines there. That turned out to be good in someways (both machines worked, I got to take the elevator upstairs without seeming like a total wimp, since I was carrying laundry) and bad in others. Well, other. I got shut into the bathroom twice by a security lady, thanks to a 'man on the floor'. Wonderful, right? Gotta protect me from the trauma of having electricians see my laundry.
On the positive side, no one stole my laundry detergent when I forgot it on the washer. Twice.
Okay, the slowness of my computer is driving me insane. That's it for tonight. Catch-up blogs tomorrow, and don't forget to check yesterday's post for the new pictures!
Oh, and read my friend Geoff's new blog about Cairo, he sums the entire experience up pretty well. You can find it here.
Something to listen to: Ben Folds singing Losing Lisa.

And something else to listen to: Self singing Paint by Numbers.

p.s. I talked to my cuz-niece on Skype last night. We took pictures of each other:

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