Wednesday, October 6, 2010

holding the fort

Wow. Another boring day, another boring blog. I almost don't even want to post tonight, because absolutely nothing happened today. Except for me talking to my mom on skype about how absolutely nothing happened today.
Most of my friends are gone for the long weekend, so it's just me and Maggie here to hold down the fort (sorry Hank, I meant hold the fort). After a long day of neither of us being productive, we met for studying and dinner, and then continued to be non-productive, but with company, which is infinitely preferable to being non-productive and alone.
We also met a gecko. He was a nice orangey color and had absolutely huge eyes. He was on the wall by our table, hunting bugs for his dinner. I didn't take a picture, sorry.
The only semi-worthwhile thing I did today was start my Dramatic Lit essay about the Oresteia and fate and destiny and stuff. I'm glad I started it, because that means I might have some little motivation to work on it tomorrow when I'm in the library after class.
I also did my Arabic homework, which was supposed to be me writing a paragraph about an imaginary girl, and then meeting two new people and asking them about themselves. On second thought, maybe everyone mentioned in the homework I turn in tomorrow will be imaginary...
In other news, I start my library archives job tomorrow morning. I've got a schedule and everything, now all I need to do is learn what exactly this job entails. I'm actually pretty excited about it, because I'll get to meet some new people and do interesting work that isn't for a grade and doesn't have a real deadline. I'm pretty sure I'll be cataloging papers that famous people have donated to the library, and possibly even figuring out how to catalog things that no one has even looked at yet. Pretty darn exciting, don't you think? Hopefully my internship in the Respository at UCSB will have prepared me at least a little bit for how to organize and catalog stuff for a museum/archive thing. At least this time I won't be organizing rock that some archaeologist in the 1970s decided were interesting, dropped off at UCSB, and then forgot all about. Please don't let there be any rocks.
Yup, that's about it. Except for one thing - does anyone know how to get PayPal to work when I'm outside the US? It won't let me use my account for some stupid reason, so I can't buy any music directly from the artist online while I'm here. I might have to resort to using iTunes, which makes me very sad.
I'll let you know how work goes tomorrow, and I'll try to get some interesting pictures! (Finally...)


  1. Goood Luck tommorrow.... tho by the time you read this.. (if you read it haha) it ll be today.



    p.s. imaginary people are always nicer. =P lol

  2. Hi Elise! I just now got caught up on all your entries. I'm see you continue to have exciting cultural adventures. lol. I'm scared of all that I need to write in my blog. Eek! I just haven't had time and/or access to the internet for a while. It's depressing how depressed that makes me.

    Do you have your US address on the account and does it match the credit card? I know getting Paypal to work abroad is a common problem, but if you had it set up already in the states I think it's supposed to work. Ask Mr. Google. I'm very happy that iTunes works here, although now that I've learned to stream things I guess it doesn't matter, but at least it's there for me.

  3. hey sarah! i'm sorry you haven't had internet, that is depressing...
    the u.s. address is on my paypal account, they just want it to be verified that i still live there through a phone call, which is a little weird (and mr google is being pretty unhelpful, actually).
    yeah, i'm really glad to have itunes too! and streaming, of course. :]