Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sinai 2 (10/15/10)

I really like the month and year lining up the way they do right now. It's like the day is the only thing that really matters and the rest of the date is just there to look pretty. 
Of course, today is halfway through October, which is a little scary. I'm dreading November a little bit.
After I finished writing last night, I snoozed on the bus, but didn't really get to go to sleep. Eventually we made it to the hotel, got everybody awake and off the bus, then found out that it was the wrong hotel - our rooms were booked at another one with the exact same name, It all go sorted out thought, and we got there, got our room and went to sleep. My roommates and I slept two in a double bed, and one in a single (I was in the double, but there weren't any problems, mostly because we were both too tired to thrash around or steal covers in our sleep.)
We woke up at 9:30 to get breakfast, then my roommates went back upstairs to nap, and I went to the beach to meet up with some other friends.
The water was ridiculously clear, and the sand and coral and fish were beautiful. We hung out in the Red Sea for a while (the Red Sea!) and then went to lay down on beach chairs by the hotel's pool. I was already a little burned, so I didn't go back in the sun. After an hour or two, we swam in the pool, then went back down to the beach. This time, the tide was coming in , which meant there were tiny waves, and the sand was stirred up, so we couldn't see the bottom any more. I'm glad I didn't stay in the hotel room, because if I had, I really would have missed out.
After we were done at the beach, I showered and got dressed, then met up with my friends again for lunch, which was interesting room service pizza, made with phyllo dough. Odd.
After lunch, I hung out by the pool to do some reading for Dramatic Lit (Duchess of Malfi by Webster - interesting, but not interesting enough to keep me from falling asleep by the end of the second act). Then I hung out in the room with my roommates, watched weird Arabic television and snoozed.
Dinner was free, buffet and all. I think strange is a thing with the hotel food here. The rice had carrots in it. Dessert was good, though.
By the time we finished, it was dark and we walked down to the beach to see the sea and stars, which were so pretty.  Then we came back to the room for our final nap before taking the bus to the mountain. Next time I write, I'll have seen the sun rise from the top!
[Boring catch-up blog. Still, done now! Until the next trip...]

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