Sunday, October 3, 2010

my map is upside down

I slept in again today. It felt good, not to get up at 6:30 to catch a stupid bus. I got to campus around 10:50 instead, and had just enough time to buy breakfast and eat before my first class.
We didn't have a new play to discuss in Dramatic Lit, so instead we talked about the Elizabethan period, Shakespeare, and our essay assignments. It was really interesting, actually. I need to brush up on my history of England, because there were a lot of things the professor brought up that I didn't remember correctly, or even at all!
Then it was time for lunch, and then boring Egyptian Literature. I didn't fall asleep today, so that was a plus, because it meant I didn't feel nervous the entire time. I discussed my essay topic with the professor, and was really confused when she started suggesting sources for me that have nothing to do with the topic I proposed. I wanted to talk about the role of fate/destiny/gods over mankind in Greek drama and Egyptian literature, kind of a compare/contrast thing, and she seemed to think I just wanted to compare and contrast the gods themselves. Her idea would be way easier, I think, but I don't think I'd have to do as much interesting research for that idea, so I'll just stick to my first plan. Plus, that way, I can combine the research for my two papers and not double my workload. Aren't I clever...
In Arabic today, we learned how to complain. Well, not really, we just learned a bunch of negative adjectives that we can use when someone asks us how we are. Now instead of just saying we're fine or excellent, we can say we're too hot, too cold, tired, sick, exhausted, hungry, or thirsty. Those are going to come in handy. Imagine meeting someone for the first time on the street (in the unlikely event that you meet anyone who speaks modern standard Arabic, and in reply to 'How are you?' telling them 'I'm hungry.' That just doesn't seem plausible. I guess it'll be useful for in class, though.
The bus ride home today took forever. And by forever, I mean an hour and a half. Almost an hour and forty-five minutes, but who's counting?
I got on the same bus I always do, it left at the same time it always does, and yet Cairo traffic managed to snarl it up so badly that crossing one bridge took at least ten minutes. One bridge!
It was completely dark by the time we got back to the dorms and I could finally go upstairs to do my homework. Lovely. The work wasn't too bad, actually, and I was done early enough that I went out to dinner with two friends, back to that exotic Egyptian restaurant known as Hardee's. Mmm.
When I got back home, I studied with my friend Vince for a while, for our map quiz in Art and Architecture tomorrow. Did I say it got postponed?
Vince, lucky guy, actually owns the book we were supposed to use to find the places on our map. [I just heard the weirdest noise outside. I've never heard anything like that before. It was like a cross between the very beginning of a fire truck siren, a giant electric drill, and a stepped-on cat. Weird. Now it's gone.] I only had photocopies of the first 45 pages to work with instead. When we compared our maps, the differences were pathetic. I must have been falling asleep or something when I made mine, because I made all kinds of mistakes. Some cities were just an inch or so off, while others were in completely the wrong place. Take Serabit el-Khaddem for example. I put it on the wrong side of the Red Sea. Who does that? What was I thinking? Vince suggested my map must have been upside down. There were a few more mistakes, that being the worst of them, all of which are fixed now, just in time for me not to learn them for the quiz tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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  1. I loooove your paper topic. I think that makes me a dork, but I'm good with that.