Monday, October 11, 2010

bread mold is healthy, right? like penicillin?

I went to work again this morning. Organizing/editing wasn't as simple as last time, mainly because I finished the first few catalogue pages I was given, and more had to be printed out, except the new ones were kind of backwards, and still had the tags for html all over them. So that was fun. In short, I've now gone through boxes 1, 2, 3, half of 4, half of 6, 9, 10, and 11, which leaves four and two halves boxes to do on Wednesday and Thursday. That's pretty good progress I think. Then I can (hopefully) get on a computer and actually make the edits for real, instead of just on paper with a pencil. The library was also freezing this morning. I was wearing real shoes and socks, not just sandals, and my toes were numb by the time I was leaving.
Classes were fine today, except for some minor angst in my ling class regarding extra points awarded to those who showed up for class last Thursday instead of going on vacation. A fair point was made by a classmate, who brought up the syllabus and pointed out that we can all miss three classes without being penalized by the professor, according to 'the contract' that we are all a part of, including him. I think the argument was pretty reasonable, but it basically got shot down, with the professor overruling 'the contract' as if it didn't apply when he didn't want it to. That's his prerogative, he's the teacher, but I don't think I agree with him.
Okay, remember Sons of Admirals? I posted their video for 'Here Comes My Baby' a long time ago. Now they are apparently an internet sensation, according to the Sun newspaper. The had a live performance at the Sun, and recorded some acoustic songs, my favorite of which is posted below. Please watch the video, because it will make you happy. Or it will if you like these guys:
And these guys:

Sons of Admirals singing the theme song from Arthur? Yes please!
So, basically, hearing this song at school made my day. And then my day/month/year/whatever was made even more awesome by hearing what the teefury shirt for today is. In case you don't know, teefury is a website that sells a different shirt every day, for that day only. Once the day is over, you can't buy that shirt ever again. And this is today's:
Yes, I bought it. How could I not? Really? Of course, I won't actually have it for a while, since risking it in the mail to Egypt is not a good idea. I'll get it when I get home. A welcome home gift to me! And something to look forward to when I discover it again after I forget all about it in the next eight months.
The bus ride home today was interesting, because I got one of the very last seats on the bus, right up at the very front. I took the opportunity to film a bit of average Cairo traffic for you. Actually, this is quite a bit tamer than average, since at some points, you can see the road.

When I got home, I decided that instead of buying dinner, I would just eat some of the pita bread that I bought at the grocery store. The good news is, it tasted really good. The bad news is, I got through half a piece before I realized that what I was tasting was mostly mold. Oops. I don't know why I'm grossed out by stray cats but not by eating mold (at least not that grossed out), but I am. Go figure. Just in case I have to say it, I did throw the rest away when I found the mold, promise.
As a special treat to those of you who love Arthur, here's another classic. [warning: do not watch this video unless you are prepared to have a fairly annoying, if entertaining, song stuck in your head for a very long time.]

Also, if anybody noticed, sorry for the late blog tonight. I went out with friends and had fun instead of staying home and doing homework. I might have to make a habit of this, actually, since I had a great time. And now I'm friends with a bunch of Europeans who I never knew before. Good times.


  1. Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card*!!!!


  2. i did not know anything about this teefury thing. and know i feel i have lucked out on definately one of the coolest things ever! Im glad you bought the shirt!


  3. @sarah - i lol'd. for serious.